These events were a standard procedure prior to the introduction of the baboon monitoring program in November 2019. Baboons are naturally extremely agile and efficient at gaining access to homes. The smallest gap in a window or door, will attract interest, often with the slim junior members of the troop gaining entry through small opening first. This can cause consternation as the larger adults attempt to gain access as well, sometimes smashing windows, becoming very destructive in the process. Kitchens
hold the main attraction with fruit, eggs, nuts, bread, cereals top of the list. Add to this, playfulness, tearing blankets, swinging on balustrades and curtains. Fridges and freezers are known targets too.

Thankfully, now that residents are managing their refuse more responsibly and securing their refuse bins, and the monitors are managing to encourage the baboons away from suburbia, home invasions happen far less frequently than was previously experienced.